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T H E O N L I N E M E M B E R S H I P & C O U R S E S F O R C R E A T I V E S


Join me BEHIND THE SCENES as I share how to build a personal brand through real-life projects to help you build & grow a creative multiple revenue stream business & life YOU LOVE, all within a beautiful, supportive & creative community ♡










HELLO FRIENDS! Wanna know more?…


Each month, I take you behind the scenes into my design business and with an honest and open heart, I take you along with me on my projects in real time - whether it’s a design project, book I’m writing, product I’m prototyping or collaboration I’m working on - in a hope to inspire, motivate, teach, share and mentor.

I take you through step-by-step of how I do things - as well as the mistakes I make, the trials I face and the wins achieved along the way - with the sharing of marketing tips, mini-courses on business strategies and tutorials on how to use SketchUp & LayOut in your creative business.

I also call in people I love to sit down & chat with me LIVE about their journeys of business, wealth, health and life.. Because it’s ALWAYS sooo good to get an insight into someone else’s perspective and story.

I’ve got so much to share and jump out of bed excited about this everyday!! COMMUNITY IS EVERYTHING!!!!

I’d love to have you in my circle and cannot wait to get to know you and your creative business more!

Keep scrolling down for more info and I hope to see you inside the MEMBERS AREA soon!!!




I can’t thank you enough for your advice and support! I have changed so much of my business processes since starting your SketchUp workshop and The Designers’ Friend. I feel much more professional in my offerings and this itself gives me confidence in charging what I’m worth.
— Lauren, The Anderson Projects
Loved that I found this group. I’ve just joined up today and spent an awesome day hanging out with my 18month daughter and getting into some of your videos and blog posts (and right now she is still asleep on my lap). 
This group is perfect timing for me. Isolation in this game is a KILLER! (Just learning this now!!) 
I am a Mum, a landscape designer, an owner builder (building our first home together), a student (cert 4-TAE), a Youth Ambassador for Horticulture (founder of a N.F.P) and of course just ME.. trying to fumble my way through life! all while living in a quiet town on the south coast of NSW. Everything about this group resonates. 
I can’t wait to talk more, share and collaborate ideas in this community of people! 
Thank you for starting something like this up Mon!!
— Kate
I have been meaning to reach out for a while but finally sat down to do it!
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for what you are doing, I am getting SO much out of TDF so far and it really has come at an amazing time in my business life and exactly what I was looking for!
I literally am fist punching the air and having “aha” moments all the way through!!
Love your work, have a great weekend xx
— Rebecca

A B O U T M O N . . .

For over a decade Mon has been designing outdoor spaces for private residences all around Australia and internationally.

Some of her clients are people she most admires, including Zoe & Jimi - Mister Zimi, Bonnie - Three Birds Renovations, Kyal & Kara - The Living Room, Kayla & Darius Boyd, Josh & Jenna - Bicker Design, Amanda - Oracle Fox and Jen - Huxbaby, as well as many others.

Her holistic approach and love for design has allowed her work to cross boundaries into interiors, house design, books and products.

She lives in #thelittlewhiteabode in Perth, Australia, with her fiancé Phil, son Sebastian and their dog, Tonka.



Each month you will receive -

  • 2 LIVE webinars, one on a SketchUp tool / feature / tutorial and one answering your business questions sent in to me by the members

  • Access to the PRIVATE Facebook group - The Designers’ Friend - to network with your fellow members, share knowledge and collaborate

  • Information / demonstration on a new business or productivity app I use or love to keep you super efficient and automate your processes

  • Savvy social media & marketing tips / advice / tutorials to make sure you are getting in front of - and attracting - your ideal client

  • Posts, interviews & discussions on how to balance / blend life & work, health, wealth, home & love from industry leaders and fellow community members - we talk ALL the things!

  • BTS of how I run my multiple six figure design studio as a solopreneur, with just a laptop and a love of what I do

  • MEMBER ONLY discounts & offers to events, programs and products - who doesn’t love a good deal, right?!

As a member you will also receive a complimentary ticket to all of The Level Up Sessions events with priority RSVP. These events take place every 3 months in Perth and soon to be around Australia.

The webinars will be a mix of tutorial style (for business tool & apps like SketchUp, LayOut, Mailchimp, Kajabi, Xero etc), Q&A based (you send questions in for me to answer on certain topics), vlog based (me talking about a topic) and live event based (interviews, yoga sessions, art classes etc).

For the live event based webinars, most will take place at my house so if you're in Perth you can attend in person. It may be a yoga and meditation session on the rooftop or an interview panel with a few guest speakers. If you cannot make it in person, you will livestream via Facebook and join in that way. I'm so excited about these!! 

These will be categorised in the members' area of the COURSE HUB for you to access at any time under MIND & BODY, BUSINESS, DESIGN, MONEY, MOTIVATION & INSPIRATION and WANDERLUST… along with posts, articles and mini-courses.

The MEMBERS DIRECTORY is a place to see who is part of this community and for you to reach out to or work together where possible. You will be added to this after the first month.

Now, if you're wondering what WANDERLUST is all about.... My dream is to organise creative business trips to inspiring destinations for us. In my former life (after I backpacked around the world & lived in London for a couple of years and before I studied design) I was a travel consultant. Travel is my greatest source of inspiration.

The first WANDERLUST WEEKEND MASTERMIND RETREAT is happening 27 FEB - 2 MAR 2020 at SOUL of Gerringong - STAY TUNED!!!!


Once you sign up for the online membership, you will receive a unique login to the COURSE HUB. This will give you access to The Designers’ Friend and any courses you have through M O N P A L M E R.

You will also be sent a link to the PRIVATE Facebook Group - The Designers’ Friend.


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