FREE Intro to SketchUp eCourse


Mon Palmer


If you are new to SketchUp or want to hone your skills so you can attract your ideal client and design projects that align with your heart, then the courses I have coming up are for YOU!

To start with, I’m putting together a FREE introductory course to get you familiar with the program and explain why and how I use SketchUp. I’m self taught and have used this program EVERYDAY without fail for just over a decade. I know.. that’s a long time! But who has time to practice for 10 years to get good at something these days? Not me! I totally understand this. So I’m here to show you - in a very easy to follow manner - how to get you where you want to be with SketchUp, fast.

It’s my #1 design tool and I wouldn’t be where I am today in my design business and life without it. I am so excited to share what I know and unlock your SketchUp design potential.



SketchUp has allowed me to communicate my design ideas with my clients, contractors and Instagram community. I believe it is the reason I have projects Australia wide and just recently internationally, with a renovation of a 6 storey townhouse in central London happening right now! Once you know the fundamentals, the possibilities are endless.

I am in no way affiliated with SketchUp. I am just an avid fan wanting to share what I know to help other designers and businesses grow.

Mon x

PS. If you have a burning Q that you would like answered in the Intro or Communicate Your Designs with SketchUp course (coming soon), let me know! Send it to