WOO!! You’re in the next round of my Intro to SketchUp video series course. It is a pleasure to have you with me. I’ve got some great stuff to teach you and hopefully you’ll discover more about what you want from your creative path and where you want to go. If you are feeling a little nervous or have some resistance to learning (or should I say MASTERING) something new, do not worry. It’s totally normal! Just know I’ll be with you the whole way.

I’ve put together a little welcome video. Click the image below to watch…


Click image to play video


Now, when I say get familiar with SketchUp FREE, I really mean just install it and have a look around. You don’t need to know what everything is and how it all works. I’ll take you through from the start step by step when we commence the course on the 5th March.

Here is the link to the SketchUp Free program, and a quick vid to take you through the install (SPOILER: it’s super simple and takes 3 minutes).