Country Road LIVE WITH US Feature


I am lost for words to describe the week that has been, so here are a few words from a couple of weeks before when I was interviewed by @countryroad at 38 weeks pregnant. I am so glad I was open to do this so close to the arrival of our baby boy. I will cherish these images of me pregnant with him forever 💙 I've added a pic of Sebastian at the end, taken yesterday at 5 days old... And yes, he is dressed and wrapped in CR.. and no, it was not planned!! I did not know when this was coming out! 🙊

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A huge THANK YOU to Country Road for inviting me to be a part of Live With Us. I am completely humbled. Mon x

Photography by @aimeejonesphoto 
Makeup by @ashleekerford_beauty 
Hair by @mellyd_hairstylist_@meraki_forhair 
Interviewed by @natashainchley

Mon Palmer